Review of Orange, Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea

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Aroma is intense and fruity, but muddled. I find that the jasmine doesn't blend well with the other aromas. The green tea is noticeable in this blend--but I'm not crazy of their choice of green tea to blend with the other ingredients. This tea is on the acidic side; it's bold flavor doesn't mesh well with the aroma.

Lipton's recommendation of a short brewing time is important: you don't want to overbrew this one. I brewed a minute and a half and it was on the strong side. I recommend using water well below boiling; otherwise this tea has a harshness to it. Even brewing properly, it's still a bit harsh.

This is my least favorite tea I've tried from Lipton yet. It was a bit surprising to me--I normally find Lipton's teas to be bland or boring, but well-balanced; this one has a lot going on but I find it just doesn't work.

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