Tea: Green Jasmine Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Heine Brothers' Coffee

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Brand:Heine Brothers' Coffee
Style:Jasmine Tea
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A very bold, strong-flavored Jasmine that is easy to oversteep.

Thank you to RosaMoon for this one, picked up in a shop in Louisville, KY.

Dry leaf is quite aromatic, and unusually dark in color...looks almost as dark as black tea.

Aromatic but not overwhelming. The base tea's character comes through and it reminds me a little bit of chun mee. Strong jasmine aroma, but less perfumey and more fruity, and also with strong cinnamon notes.

Flavor is extremely strong, bold, with both bitterness and sourness. Crisp mouthfeel, but a bit harsh.

I recommend using less leaf than you normally would, and only a very brief initial steeping (1 minute) -- also be careful with temperature. This is one of the strongest-flavored jasmines I've tried, to the point that it is very easy to make it too bitter.

If not brewed too strongly though, it is pleasant. Good value because the leaf stretches so far.

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RosaMoon wrote:
on July 31st, 2015

I really like this tea maybe just for the overall aroma, Jasmine is a very mild taste so I feel the aroma brings out the Jasmine more in teas.

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