Tea: Green Jasmine Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Heine Brothers' Coffee

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Brand:Heine Brothers' Coffee
Style:Jasmine Tea
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Review of Green Jasmine Tea

9 of 103 of 53 of 573 of 100

I really love how this tea smells. The aroma of green tea with the smell of sweet Jasmine. Pay attention when you brew this one it can get bitter if left longer then 3 minutes (I go about 2 minutes). Its a really sharp tea that docent need any additives. But if you don't like your teas bitter I don't recommend this cup.

I enjoyed this in a Coffee shop and bought some leaves to take home for a night brew. Its a very calming tea that settles well in the stomach.

Great value from Heine Brothers' Coffee in Louisville KY. you can visit the website or visit the Cafe.

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