Review of Superfine Jasmine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea

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This is my favorite jasmine pearls tea that I've ever sampled.

I tried this tea months ago and began writing a review but I realized that I never finished and posted it! Apologies to TeaVivre for the oversight. I had one packet left, so I brewed it up and the tea was as I had remembered it. I was surprised at how well it stayed fresh; there was no noticeable deterioration in aroma or quality.

This is relatively milder than some Jasmines; I recommend brewing a little on the stronger side. The pearls are small (which is often an indicator of high quality), almost too small to count. I like steeping with about 20 pearls, but even that is on the low side of the amount of tea most people use--many people would probably want to use more.

Aroma is very pleasing and floral, and it's hard to tell where the jasmine scent ends and the tea begins. Flavor is also relatively mild.

This tea resteeps very well, easily three steeps using Western-style brewing in a mug with a basket infuser. Starting in the second steep, more herbaceous tones come out in the aroma.

TeaVivre recommends 1-3 minute steeps; with some Jasmines I go towards the low end but with this one I'd go towards the high end. I think this tea tastes better a little stronger, and it is so smooth that it doesn't get harsh as easily. What makes this tea stand out is a clean, smooth, crisp finish that is very unusual among scented teas.

Definitely the best Jasmine pearls tea I've sampled, although I'm not sure it's worth the price to me, as I didn't enjoy it quite as much as many of TeaVivre's pure green teas in a similar price range. I also tend not to like jasmine pearls teas as much as plain loose-leaf jasmines, and although this would contend with the better jasmine teas I've tried, I think my favorite examples still go to non-pearl teas.

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