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I am new to tea. I am looking for good black breakfast tea. Being American, most of us drink coffee. I cannot drink coffee anymore, so I have switched to tea. Not many brands in my area. I bought Lipton because I recognized the brand. To me, it's ok. I put a touch of honey and cream in. Can anyone recommend a great breakfast tea? I like a full bodied flavorful black tea.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on December 8th, 2016

Welcome to RateTea, and thank you for your first review!<br /> <br /> I saw your icon...do you play French horn? I actually used to play it! I still have my horn but haven't played much in a long time.<br /> <br /> I also find that coffee is a lot harsher on my body than tea, especially if I drink it on a empty stomach, it upsets my stomach. But it also has more caffeine and can make me jittery.<br /> <br /> There are lots of great options if you want a good black breakfast tea. The best options are only available as loose-leaf tea, and loose tea can be cheaper, so I would highly recommend buying a tea infuser (the basket infuser from ForLife is my favorite, and in general I like the basket infusers that sit inside a mug, more than tea balls) and then buy some loose-leaf tea.<br /> <br /> But even among teabags I think there are better options than Lipton. I like the British brands better than Lipton and some stores do sell them, at least the mainstream ones like PG Tips at reasonable prices. I think Twinings Irish Breakfast is decent, and I like their Ceylon too. Tazo's Awake is also decent. If you are lucky to live near Asian markets or middle-eastern markets, you might find some good stuff there. Asian markets have less black tea but usually you can find Keemun tea bags and Keemun makes a good breakfast tea. Middle-eastern markets usually have a lot of good black tea brands, like Ahmad Tea and many others.<br /> <br /> Seriously though, it's worth getting into loose tea...it opens up a whole world! But even trying different teas from the supermarket, you're likely to find stuff you like better.<br /> <br /> Let me know if you have any more questions about tea, or about the website!

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