Tea: Moroccan Mint Green Tea

A Green Tea with Mint from Teavana

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Style:Green Tea with Mint
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Review of Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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Teavana's choice to use spearmint, rather than peppermint, is a key to making this team smell less medicinal than some Moroccan mint teas. The smokiness of the gunpowder tea complements the spearmint, which tastes milder taste than peppermint. The aftertaste is a bit astringent, which is solved by drinking more tea.

It re-steeps well and can be mixed with some ginger for additional restorative powers.

If you're opposed to Teavana, then you probably haven't read this far. But, if you're ok with Big Tea, and don't mind paying that Teavana premium, then you might enjoy this tea.

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