Tea: Japanese Sencha (Sachets)

A Sencha from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Region:Shizuoka, Japan
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Review of Japanese Sencha (Sachets)

8 of 104 of 53 of 577 of 100

An exceptional sencha from a tea bag; without a doubt the best sencha I've ever tried from a tea bag, and better than a lot of examples of loose-leaf tea.

The dry tea bag has a very fresh and pleasing aroma, like loose-leaf sencha of very good quality, suggesting sweetness.

Brews a very light-colored cup with a beautiful aroma. Aroma is nutty, slightly toasty, less vegetal than typical for a sencha. Flavor is strongly savory (umami) and lightly sweet, with a slight bitter aftertaste. There's a slight metallic taste.

Resteeps very well. The second cup even came out a bit too strong, with a 5 minute steep (2 minutes for the first). I suspect that if you brewed this tea carefully you'd easily be able to get three steeps out of it, which is pretty astonishing for a tea bag, but I only had one of these so I didn't get to try this out.

This tea dethroned Bare Tea in my mind, for the title of best sencha in a tea bag. Theirs, however, is very different, a little more seaweedy (I like those vegetal notes), but I thought this was a slightly better tea.

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