Review of South African Rooibos (Red Bush) Superior

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I am a huge fan of Rooibos, but I was not blown away by this selection. It does have an excellent color to it. The brewed cup is a deep and full red. I also thoroughly enjoyed the aroma. It was not too strong, but rather subtle and smooth. It smelled faintly of toasted nuts, which at first I thought kind of odd, but later grew to appreciate.

I found the taste someone bland and mild. It was good, but not as robust as I like in a Rooibos. My favorite is from Adagio and has wonderful undertones of vanilla. This one lacked that undertone that I love. It was stronger on the earthy and woody undertones, while remaining smooth, sweet, and mild.

Overall a very decent cup of Rooibos, but not the absolute best which for me is still Adagio's.

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