Review of Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea

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I thoroughly enjoyed this tea, all the way from the beautiful tea leaves to the aftertaste. I wanted to try Tai Ping Hou Kui due to its intriguing leaf shape. It is definitely something different, unique, and extremely interesting. I fully enjoyed watching the leaves steep as the softened into long leaves.

The aroma is light and sweet. It has a hint of grassiness, but nothing too strong. Everything about this tea is definitely well-rounded and warm.

The taste is very well-rounded. It has notes of vegetation, mostly fresh cut grass. There are also very very slight hints of flowers. At the same time, it has a buttery sweetness and lightness that pulls it all together. The lightness and warmth of the taste is by far the most defining factor. It is simply extremely well-rounded. No single taste stands out from the others. The aftertaste is extremely pleasing and sits very well in the mouth. There is no astringent aftertaste.

Overall an excellent tea that is fun to brew and very enjoyable in the mouth.

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