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Every now and then I encounter a Darjeeling that only seems to shine when paired with the right foods, and this was one. The first couple times I drank it, it was easy to overlook, but when I paired it with a spicy coconut curry soup I made, it seemed to take on a completely different character.

Dry leaf is brown and heterogeneous-looking for a Darjeeling, moderately aromatic, and has notes of caramel, sweet cocoa, and malt.

Brews a medium-bodied cup that is dark in color for a Darjeeling, and rather mellow in flavor. Just enough astringency to impart body, astringency comes mainly in the finish. Flavor is smooth and with a light sweetness that makes the cup seem rich and hearty. The start of each sip is more warming and the finish is cool and fresh. The brewed cup is fruitier than the dry leaf suggests.

Resteeps pretty well, but the second cup is less interesting than the first: it has good body and some aroma.

Drunk on its own, this was subtle and easy to overlook, but pleasant to drink. It had some nuances only when I consciously looked for them: overall it was enjoyable but slightly boring.

When I paired it with a spicy coconut curry soup I made, however, I found this tea came alive. It tasted bolder, crisper, and edgier, and it seemed to have more spicy notes in the aroma. I wish I had more of the sample to experiment with, because the difference between how this tasted on its own, and paired with food, was quite dramatic.

Price is very good. This wasn't my favorite tea from Udyan tea, but I think the low price makes it an unusually good deal; it's hard to find a tea of this grade and quality in this price range.

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