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The last Assam purchased was with Wagh Bakri India, and it is truly strong and refreshing. The only problem is that there is a report out by Green Peace about "Trouble Brewing" and pesticides used by growers in India. This company and a few other popular brands are listed, so we decide to try organic. Choice has some good herbal and chai teas (like Rooibos) but the Assam is disappointing. I write about this that you will not buy in bulk before sampling.

WB Assam or Pakistani Assam is unique in that it is hand-rolled so it comes in round almost like pellets. This helps assure the finest flavor and aroma, FOP1, flowery orange pekoe. When brewed the aroma is sweetly flavorful, not at all bitter, and excellent with sugar and milk. However due to digestion problem, I can't drink more than one cup with one brew.

In contrast Choice Assam advertises a malty flavor, which means it has more of an earthy or musky type of flavor, almost like with a touch of green tea to it, which is not at all to my liking for morning tea. You can hardly taste the orange pekoe so it is not very bold. It seems to lack fineness and leans toward black. Size of leaf appears coarse almost.

In short, were it not grown with the certification of fair trade, organic, wind-powered, non-gmo, it would seem as if it were "Golden Broken Orange Pekoe: Second grade tea with uneven leaves and few tips" per Wikipedia.

However Choice claims to offer a full refund, and I will try to use that to buy some of their other boxed teas.

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Darqi wrote:
on January 26th, 2016

PS. They aren't going to refund this. Of course I am slowly drinking this by mixing it in with the other Assam Tea that I bought last week at my favorite Pakistani grocery store, Flower Upper Assam Tea by Flower Brand at less than half the price. Although Flower Brand smells stronger and seems a bit more flavorful, it's not quite like Wagh Bakri Strong & Fresh Premium Leaf Tea.

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