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A Flavored Black Tea from DAVIDsTEA

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This is a Black tea from the young DavidsTea company (just so you know, I buy a lot of my teas there). Inside, if you didn’t guess already: coconut and chocolate chips. And when you brew it, it becomes a delicious beverage! Really one of my best discovery tea speaking! Even my boyfriend (who is not a tea drinker) fell for it.

I usually brew it for 4-5 mins in 95°C water (1 tsp per cup). It’s delicious like that but if you want to be brought to heaven, try it in latter! Regular milk or my recent discovery: coconut milk (yeah I know a lot of coconut but it’s never too much). It’s really delicious and almost like a dessert by itself.

Recommanded if: you love chocolate, but even more coconut. You are not usually fond of black tea,

Favorite moment to drink it: in the afternoon, when I have a little carving for something sugary :)

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on January 25th, 2016

Hello, and welcome to RateTea and thank you for your first review!

I love the combination of coconut and chocolate, and I think both blend well with black teas, so I can mentally picture a blend like this working. I have had both chocolate black teas and coconut-flavored black teas that I liked, and I think some black teas naturally have a cocoa-like flavor.

Eilis Wood wrote:
on January 25th, 2016

thanks for the welcome!
I also onced tried a pue'rh chocolate tea and it was not bad at all, might be your taste

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