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An Irish Breakfast from Trader Joe's

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Brand:Trader Joe's
Style:Irish Breakfast
Region:Assam, India
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This is a moderately tasty, smooth, full tea--especially for a store brand; but then again, Trader Joe's has surprised me in a pleasant way with most of their selections. It's one of the few black teas I've tried where the taste is a lot fuller than the aroma.

Not quite a match for a real Irish tea such as Connemara's Kitchen (which this site doesn't have yet...and which I have requested it list), TJ's Irish is still easy on the tongue--not that strong, but still robust enough not to bore me. I do recommend going long on the brew, even if you usually don't darken your tea much, to optimize the flavor.

This probably would make a good iced tea, but I haven't tried it as such yet.

[EDIT 2017-09-14]: Connemara Kitchen Irish Breakfast has been added to the site, and I have reviewed it. Thanks Alex!

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