Review of Organic Fairtrade Rooibos & Honeybush Tea

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I've tried only a couple of Rooibos teas--one whilst traveling through Austria last year (can't recall the brand but it was a little muddy-tasting), and this one that appears fairly new.

Rooibos is an earthy, woody, somewhat grassy flavor that either grows on you or not. It has on me after initially not being very impressed. At first it tasted like someone had made tea out of a broom. The second and third cups progressively improved. So after a couple of borrowed (mooched) bags from friends, I bought a box from TJs in Dallas (none here yet) to try at my own leisure.

It continues to grow on me, slowly. I suspect that my rating might even be a little higher when the box is finished, but I'm asymptotically approaching the peak already.

The reddish color when deeply steeped reminds me of bromine, but this smells a far bet better. :-) It is a bit too bitter and grassy, almost dandelion-like, but with just enough sweetness and faint fruitiness to keep it from being a turn-off. So I keep drinking it, but not very often, so as not to tire of it. This is packed with anti-oxidants and doesn't have tannin (unlike true green and black tea), which might be beneficial to some.

For those unfamiliar with rooibos, I recommend the same approach: find a free bag or two somewhere and taste-test, and if you don't immediately gag, get a box and give it some time to gradually ingratiate itself to you.

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