Tea: Traditional Tieguanyin

A Tie Guan Yin from Verdant Tea

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Brand:Verdant Tea
Style:Tie Guan Yin
Region:Anxi, Fujian, China
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Review of Traditional Tieguanyin

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One of the first oolongs I've tried outside of a Chinese restaurant, so my palate is not well developed. I steeped this in my gaiwan with 5g of tea and 180-200 degree water.

The first and second steeps were reminiscent of fields and meadows. The aroma was sweet and smelled of hay and honey. The initial taste was very strong and bold, with notes of butter, fall leaves, foliage, and a dominant honeysuckle taste.

The third steep lost some of the initial sweetness and fruitiness, moving more towards the hay and fall flavors. It tasted almost like brown (dry) grass and honey.

The fourth steep brought an increase in savoriness. The sweetness yet again was lower, while a slight astringency creeped in.

The fifth and final steep brought a loss of much flavor and the realization that it was time to say goodbye to these leaves. It was very much full of hay, honey, and butter, but much more mild than before. Everything was subdued.

Overall I really enjoyed this tea and would recommend it!

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