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Brand:Stash Tea
Style:Peppermint Tea
Region:United States of America
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Peppermint teas, if done right, should look, smell and taste identical regardless of the brand name. This is because the ingredient is singular and straightforward: chopped, dried peppermint leaves: M. balsamea Willd. That's it.

Differences in strength, freshness and flavor, therefore, are related not to the chosen ingredient, but to such factors as packaging, age, storage, preparation, etc., perhaps growing practices. I've been drinking peppermint teas since shortly after I could walk (it's my favorite herbal flavor), and given these "how can you screw this up?" fundamentals, the fact that differences do exist just baffles me.

Stash seems to do a good job packaging the bags of dried peppermint in an airtight seal, and the freshness is good. The flavor and aroma, while good, aren't as bold as they should be, however, and for several bags I couldn't see why. Then it became clear upon pouring out a (used, dried) bag: stems of something (peppermint at least, I hope). Either Stash is a tad careless in processing the plants and stems get in (they contain much less oil than leaves) or the stems are being used deliberately as filler.

Either way, this peppermint tea is economical and tasty, but could be better.

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