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A Keemun Hao Ya A from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Keemun Hao Ya A
Region:Anhui, China
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I have had a lot of Keemun, but never before sampled Hao Ya A. The overall experience of drinking this tea was somewhat different from what I expected. It's similar, but recognizably different from the Hao Ya B, and I'm not convinced that I like it better. I like both, and this one is not that much more expensive (still reasonable for such a top-quality tea) that I wouldn't necessarily think of this one as a luxury splurge, so much as another option.

Dry leaf not as aromatic as hao ya B. Smell is subtle, strongly suggests sweetness. It is vaguely nutty and chocolatey, with a hint of malt. It reminds me a little of hazelnut creme, marzipan, or nutella.

When pouring water over the leaves, it also isn't that aromatic. Only when I remove the infuser (I used a basket infuser as I usually do) from the cup, and thus stirred the cup, did the aroma start to come out...and then it started smelling more like a keemun, faintly smoky, deeply fruity.

Sipping though, I'm immediately struck by the strength and thickness of the cup. It's quite tannic, with a powerful astringency that starts right as the tea meets my tongue, and continues steadily through the sip till the end. This makes me want to sip it slowly, and as I do, the aroma develops. The aroma is much more malty as I drink it, than it was when just smelling the dry leaf or brewed cup. Definitely the maltiest keemun I've had, it reminds me of Yunnan teas and even a bit of Assam. The flavor is very rich too, not very bitter. The finish leaves a beautiful honey-like sweetness, complete with floral notes. It leaves a sensation in my mouth almost like I just licked a spoonful of honey. There are also vegetal notes in the finish.

This tea also tastes good as it cools, which is good because I found its potency kept me from drinking it quickly enough to finish it while still hot.

Resteeps very well, perhaps slightly better than the Hao Ya A.

I recommend both this and the Hao Ya B from Harney, they're both exceptional and I think very fairly priced.

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