Tea: Korean Sejak

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This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Region:Jeju, South Korea
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I thought this was a good everday tea, especially if you want a stronger green tea that isn't too harsh, but I wasn't crazy about it for the high price that it had. I've had only one other Sejak (although I've had other types of Korean green teas, all of which I liked better) and it was pretty similar.

I initially brewed this one with around 180 degree water, but I find it tastes better when the water is even cooler. The hotter the water is, I find the more bitter this tea gets. If you use around 160F degree water it comes out very sweet and savory and with what seemed like the perfect amount of bitterness. The aroma is very seaweedy and vegetal, lots of ocean aromas. It reminds me of being at a restaurant on the wharf in maine. Even smells a little like crabmeat.

2nd cup remarkably seaweedy; I find this quality persists more through the second cup than is typical.

Flavor is bold in both cups. There's a moderate amount of bitterness, and also some astringency. I find that this tea also leaves a bit of a tingling sensation on the palate, and a slight metallic aftertaste. Cooling, crisp, and fresh.

Infuses relatively quickly (possibly because the leaf is pretty finely broken). I like at most a 2 minute first steep but I think slightly shorter than that is ideal.

It was interesting to try, but the price is just too high for me to recommend buying this regularly. For lower prices I can get Japanese teas that I think are similar but that I much prefer to this one.

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