Review of Chai (formerly Indian Spiced Chai)

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I shall weave a story about my pathetic ignorance sure to amuse tea drinkers the world over. Twinings Chai was the tea that I sampled by taking a plastic coffeemaker-brewing container (not the K-cup, but the two-inch-wide flatter kind) that someone had left in the "FREE TAKE ONE!" area at work.

As I do with loose-leaf tea, I emptied the contents of the container into a strainer, placed it atop my cup, and poured the hot water over it. "Wow, this stuff swelled up huge, and this is really dark tea coming out!" I drank it, and loved it--the tea was nearly dark as tar, thick, dense, with an intense and very full flavor. Some of the best Chai I've had...

"How very unlike Twinings, in a good way, to have such a rich, powerful tea!", I thought.

Later I found out the brewing container was intended to make a full pot.

Oh well...a dream dashed. :-) My rating is for what I have a well-educated guess it is like by diluting that cup into a whole pot.

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