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An Earl Grey Tea from Basilur

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I picked this tea up at a wedding, in a Hilton hotel. It's not widely available here in the US, but I was eager to try it.

This tea bag produced a delightful aroma as I poured water over the cup. After letting the cup steep for five minutes, I was surprised to find the cup had developed a peculiar aroma of artificial grape, underneath the rich smell of a quality Ceylon base tea. The artificial grape smell was distinctive: it took me back to Elementary school, grape-flavored popsickles or grape scratch-and-sniff stickers. It was an aroma completely unlike the muscatel grape notes of a Darjeeling or the raisin-like qualities of some Assam or Chinese black teas.

Overall, weaker than I expected. I was careful to use boiling water and warm up the cup before steeping. Relatively smooth and low in bitterness, but not the richest or most full-bodied tea.

Although I could appreciate the quality of the base tea, between the weakness and the strange artificial-grape-like flavor, I would pass on this one.

I don't know what the normal price of this is, but I was only able to find it online from some specialty retailers for $13 for a box of 20 teabags. That seems exorbitant to me. Perhaps I'd rate it a better value if it were priced a lot lower, but at this price it competes with some top-notch artisan teas.

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