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Last Updated: Aug. 13, 2018

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About Basilur

Basilur is a brand of Ceylon tea based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The company packs its own teas in Sri Lanka and ships and sells them globally. Basilur teas are available in some supermarkets and retail stores, and the company also has its own dedicated stores in a few locations.

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Chai Mera
(2 reviews)
80 / 100
Picture of Summer Tea - Four Seasons

Received as a gift about a year ago (but in sealed teabags).

Aroma: dry tea has a rich strawberry flavor.

Flavor: fruit flavor is not very apparent which is a bit disappointing. Apart from that it's a decent tea. May try it with hotter water (I know you're not supposed to boil green tea!) or see if it works bette...

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Tchuggin' Okie
(379 reviews)
64 / 100
Picture of Tea Book Volume II (Gold)

Basilur is creative in the packaging and marketing of their teas. This is part of an impressively elaborate gimmick: the second in a multi-volume series of well-decorated "books"—each a metal tin about the size and shape of a small hardback book—containing a plastic bag full of loose tea that gets folded and some...

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Alex Zorach
(1448 reviews)
50 / 100
Picture of Sencha


Style: Sencha – Region: Sri Lanka / Ceylon
Jan. 30th, 2017

The last of the Basilur teas I picked up at a friend's wedding, and unfortunately, one of the least satisfying.

The tea bag didn't smell great, but upon brewing I was surprised by a more pleasing aroma. Like other lower-quality senchas I've tried, and somewhat like bancha, this one had a distinct corn aroma.


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83 / 100
Picture of Camomile


Style: Pure Chamomile Tea – Region: ?????
Dec. 20th, 2016

Wow, the tea bag was exceptionally fresh smelling, with a rich, complex aroma suggestive of high-quality chamomile. The smell is fruity and pleasant, I find it very comforting.

Upon brewing, the tea bag gets a bit mushy or slimy, but besides that, this smells and tastes on the level of a high-quality, loose-leaf ba...

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60 / 100
Picture of Ginger - Magic Fruits

Ginger - Magic Fruits

Style: Flavored Black Tea – Region: ?????
Dec. 10th, 2016

Another of the teabags I picked up at a wedding recently. Good quality, but not the sort of blend that I'm crazy about.

The tea bag itself smells like dried ginger, I can't smell much tea, and upon brewing, the cup smells similar. The flavor though has a good balance of tea and ginger, but even drinking the cup, g...

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