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This blend seemingly has thousands of herbal ingredients (in reality, 16 listed), which makes it no wonder the label admonishes drinkers to, "Consult your healthcare provide prior to use if you are taking any medication or have a medical condition." Upon first sip, I wondered if some combination of all those ingredients might send me into convulsions, palpitations, or a trance-like state of stupor. Fortunately, I survived, and as such, can recommend the stuff to those with similar biochemical makeups.

My sister-in-law in Colorado is into obscure herbal/medicinal teas from mom-n-pop health-food stores, and this was the best of her lot of them. She thought I might like it, and she was right. Unlike many such brews, it does not taste like Creomulsion, Formula 44, or some other gag-reflex-inducing, 1970s-era cough suppressant. This actually has enough blueberry flavor and green-tea base to drown out any of the taste adversity from all those herbs I haven't heard of.

Now one also could just drink blueberry-flavored green tea without all the bizarre botanicals and get a similar gullet-wash for less money, but what the was free, and reasonably tasty!

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