Review of Maple Tea

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I first tried some of this tea back in 2006 after seeing it in some tourist shops in Victoria, BC. [This review is posted ten years later after getting some more, also in Victoria.] The stuff is expensive; after all, retail markups are pretty steep for anything marketed as characteristically Canadian in such places.

Regardless, because it was maple -- a favorite flavor of mine -- I decided to splurge, and was pleasantly surprised. Metro Tea doesn't skimp on this one, rendering a really richly flavored product. Maple actually overshadows the flavor of the Ceylon black itself, but doesn't completely drown it out. The aroma of the newly opened packaging is nearly as nice as opening a bottle of Quebec's finest dark-amber syrup.

This is a nice way to get a breakfast-time maple fix for folks who like tea and maple, and perhaps can't eat much (if any) maple syrup due to carbohydrate restrictions.

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