Review of Cozy Caramel Rooibos

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As noted in my review of Trader Joe's rooibos, its earthy, haystraw-like flavor was something of a turn-off at first, but grew on me with time. This strongly flavored rooibos from Murchie's, which uses apple pieces and calendula petals as well as caramel flavoring, bypasses the "grow on you" stage and thrusts itself straight at the addictive sweet tooth. It succeeds, deliciously!

Have you ever stood amidst a bunch of fresh, hot caramel apples and simply marveled at the aroma before indulging? That's how it is to cram one's nose into the newly opened or re-opened packaging of this tea. The flavor then meets the expectations that the smell establishes. Caramel and rooibos fit together astoundingly well. Murchie's seems to employ highly skilled and creative blendmasters, and this is further evidence.

If one eschews sugar or artificial sweeteners yet wants a herbal tea with natural sweetness, this is your brew. For those of us who sweeten regardless, it's practically liquid candy in a cup. I say this in a good way, since I like candy! Folks on a carb-restricted diet, who want to get their sweetness fix without sugar, while still reaping the benefits of a tannin-free herb loaded with anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients, should invest in this product.

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