Tea: Jasmine Green Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Jasmine Tea
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Remarkably for its rather weak aroma, the flavor of the tea is reasonably robust after several minutes of steeping. I found this tea offered in the daily coffee-break session of a professional conference, and liked it. Not many others did, so there were plenty of leftover bags to grab and bring home. :-) I agree with Alex here; the tea is smooth and pleasant.

Somehow this tea carries a chocolate note, strikingly reminiscent of a Tootsie Roll. I don't know if this is because some of the organic esters in the jasmine and/or green tea Bigelow uses mimic those of cocoa, a minute dusting of cocoa is added to tea batches, or the maker of the candy uses jasmine as a secret flavoring (a distinct possibility, now that I think about it). Regardless, this wasn't a turn-off for me.

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