Tea: Golden Yunnan Black Tea (Sachets)

A Yunnan Gold from Mark T. Wendell

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Golden Yunnan Black Tea (Sachets)
Brand:Mark T. Wendell
Style:Yunnan Gold
Region:Yunnan, China
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Review of Golden Yunnan Black Tea (Sachets)

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Strong flavor and aroma. Delightful Yunnan. I bought these for dining out. When I go out for breakfast, I take some of these along. I enjoy this tea and find it much more flavorful than the national brand the restaurant offers.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on December 6th, 2016

I do this sort of thing too, bringing high-quality tea bags along with me for when I'm out somewhere. Lately though, I've moved away from using tea bags, and started using single-use paper tea filters, which I usually clip closed with a reusable binder clip. That way I can carry whatever loose-leaf tea I want to brew, along with me.

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