Review of Earl Grey Cream Tea Bags

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Looking at the teabag boxes in-store, I wasn't sure if this would be a worthy purchase or not. I never had tried vanilla-flavored EG black tea before. With a combination of:
1) The really sweet, pleasant smell of the loose-leaf sampler as I crushed some between fingers and
2) The favorable Canadian/U.S. dollar exchange rate,
...I decided to buy and bag a big box o'fifty and haul it home.

The tea bags are packed in an airtight, light-reflecting, chrome-colored plastic bag (alas, no built-in reseal...need to use a small chip clip or some such). The scent is still scintillating even after unclipping the bag for about the 10th time since I brought it back.

As the aroma advertises, this is a silky-smooth, sweet, creamy Earl Grey with a hint of sharpness and a good balance of both bergamot and vanilla. If you liked the "Creamsicle" as a kid, and black tea today, you'll enjoy this blend. The black-tea base is a mix of Ceylon, Darjeeling and Keemun.

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