Tea: Ginger - Magic Fruits

A Flavored Black Tea from Basilur

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Style:Flavored Black Tea
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Review of Ginger - Magic Fruits

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Another of the teabags I picked up at a wedding recently. Good quality, but not the sort of blend that I'm crazy about.

The tea bag itself smells like dried ginger, I can't smell much tea, and upon brewing, the cup smells similar. The flavor though has a good balance of tea and ginger, but even drinking the cup, ginger dominates the aroma. I notice the tea primarily in the mouthfeel and body; there's a pleasantly tannic finish, in which the tea holds its own alongside the peppery astringency of the ginger. Spicy and full-bodied.

I recommend this if you want to drink a cup of black tea that tastes primarily like dried ginger.

The most interesting or appealing thing about this tea, to me, was its body and sensations on my palate while drinking it.

Personally, I prefer the taste of fresh ginger, and I tend to keep fresh ginger root on hand, and I also am not crazy about blending ginger with tea because I find the ginger tends to dominate or overpower the tea's aroma, so I'd be unlikely to want to consume this sort of blend on a regular basis.

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