Review of Formosa Amber Oolong Select

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At first I didn't like this tea. The aroma was delicious honey, but I found the bitter earthiness in the flavor a bit off putting.

However, I tried it again the next day and used a smaller amount of tea...about 5 grams brewed in a 4 ounce gaiwan. I got 7 infusions.
This time the honey came out more in the flavor (yummy!), and the bitterness added a pleasant background. There was also a moderate but nice astringency in the finish. It held up well through the session, with steep numbers 2-4 being the peak, and yet holding it's aroma and flavor into the 7th.

I will be keeping this tea in stock as I now love it :)

UPDATE - (1/5/17) I had to bump this up to a 93 rating. It's simply one of my favorite teas... and, I've discovered, very forgiving with steeping times, temp. and amount of leaf used. I now order this one in massive amounts :)

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