Review of Earl Grey -- Kericho Highlands Estate

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Wow, if the name of this tea were any longer, it would need to be hauled in on a freight train. Fortunately the flavor still is there by the time one is finished reciting its name. :-)

This for now is a food-service tea, apparently different than Numi's "Aged Earl Grey" (which I have not tasted yet), and offered under the branding umbrella of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. I got a bag in a Tulsa Wyndham hotel. I'll just go with the bulk "value" since the bags are listed much cheaper through food-service websites (~18 c per) than other Numi bags retailed on their own site.

Just above middle-of-the-pack as Earl Greys go, it is a pleasant tea, not as strong as I'd prefer either for the tea itself or the bergamot, but a reasonably tasty drink no less. The aftertaste lasts an unusually long time, which doesn't bother me since it's not a bad-tasting tea to begin with. The aroma was moderate and pleasant coming out of the sealed wrapper, but weak in the cup.

You could do worse for food-service/hotel tea, for sure. And if you want a large supply of decent-quality, organic/fair-trade EG tea at a really low price, a bulk food-service case order (250 bags/case) might do right by ya. I'll pass since I don't drink EG tea more than once every week or two.

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