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This was an interesting tea; I love scented oolongs, and I love trying floral-scented teas other than the usual jasmine, so I jumped on the opportunity to try this one when I saw my parents had ordered some.

The dry leaf is surprisingly dark, looking like a darker-roast oolong, but upon opening the tin there was a strong floral aroma that was almost cloying. I find that this tea has mellowed out a little though, the first time we opened it it was too much for me but I find that opening and closing the tin has made the aroma dissipate just enough that it smells more pleasant now. From smelling the dry leaf, the floral scent didn't seem to blend well with the tea's aroma, but thankfully, this changed upon brewing.

The brewed cup has a much more balanced smell, and I can't quite tell where the tea ends and the floral scent begins. The dominant smells are woody and floral. There's a bit of roast; I get the sense that the base tea is a lightly roasted green oolong that still has a bit of floral aroma of its own. There's a hint of a mushroomy scent in the very end of the sip that I could do without, but besides that I am very much a fan of this tea's aroma.

The flavor is balanced and smooth: just a hint of bitterness, sourness, and sweetness.

Like jasmine though, it can be a bit perfumey, reminding me of some scents that people would wear rather than would occur in food or drink.

Resteeps well. Surprisingly hearty, even though the floral scents suggest lightness. Good if you want to drink something enigmatic for a change of pace. I only recommend this if you really like strong floral scents though, as I can see the floral aroma coming across as overbearing to some people.

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