Tea: Big Red Robe

A Da Hong Pao from Music City Tea

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Brand:Music City Tea
Style:Da Hong Pao
Region:Wuyi, Fujian, China
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Review of Big Red Robe

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Yet another tea from this company that I've been ordering lately. Originally, I received a free sample of their Big Red Robe along with a few gaiwans I ordered from them. Since then I've been buying this tea regularly.

As I understand it, this is one of the "house teas" that comes from the owner's tea farming village in the Wuyi mountain area.
So at the very least it is traditionally produced, high quality tea.
Their product page sums up the history, genetics and production of this Da Hong Pao.

I am not an experienced Da Hong Pao drinker. I haven't had many to compare to this one, so keep that in mind in regards to my review.

The dry leaf is quite dark with olive green shades when held close to a light source.
The dry leaf aroma is toasty with a very subtle sweet note.

For brewing this up, I use the "gong fu" method...lots of leaf in a small brewing vessel and many short infusions. For me that usually means 6 grams of this particular Big Red Robe in one of my 3 ounce gaiwans. I will sometimes tinker with the measurements depending on my mood, etc.
I do not use full boiling water though, contrary to most instructions for this type of oolong. I much prefer 195-200 degree water.

This brews up an orange color. Aromas of the liquor are toasty and roasty :) The first 2 infusions are a nice roasted peanut, earthy flavor with very little sweetness. Surprisingly smooth, without much dryness or sharpness.

And then on infusions 3-5 one of my favorite tea flavors shows up...honey :) The toasty flavors are still there but more subdued or mellowed out. Notes of dark fruit are apparent as well.
The color remains consistently dark orange though the aroma begins to fade.
The light honey lingers on the aftertaste in the later infusions, making this one worth re-steeping even when I think the leaves are just about spent.

What are the negatives to me? Well, sometimes I just get a little tired of teas that are roasted. But that's why I'm not a one-tea-only kind of person...I like to change it up throughout the day :)

My first "real" Da Hong Pao, and it's now a regular in my tea rotation :)

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