Review of Kagoshima (Kagoshima Sencha)

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I usually think of tea as being more about the aroma than the flavor, but this tea was intensely flavorful, and I thought its flavor was what made it most interesting and enjoyable.

This tea was very similar overall to the Organic Sencha also sold by Harney & Sons. The main difference I noticed initially was that the leaf of this tea looks dustier. The dry leaf is not quite as intense smelling as the organic sencha, but it has an even richer aroma of porridge or hot cereal, which suggests sweetness. The difference is subtle, even smelling them side by side they are very similar.

When brewed, the resulting cup has a lot of fine particulate matter in it, even more than the organic sencha and much more than is typical for a sencha. It produces a very flavorful cup, richer in flavor than aroma. The cup is subtly aromatic but the flavor is very full and strong. Only very slightly bitter, with a rich savory / umami quality, and fairly tangy and also sweet.

This was an excellent tea. Since I tried it back to back with the organic sencha, I compared the two more than I compared either to any other tea. I slightly preferred the organic sencha because I found it more aromatic, but the two teas were very similar overall.

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