Review of Ti Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy)

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I think this is a good example of Tie Guan Yin. This one is definitely of the greener, less oxidized and less roasted variety.

The dry leaf aroma is very pleasant and "green".
When brewed the aroma is very fresh veggie-like, with notes of butter, and floral as well. Not intensely floral, but it's there.
This is one of the teas that I enjoy sniffing repeatedly from the cup and gaiwan during brewing :)

As for the flavor, it mirrors the aroma almost exactly and is quite rich. Almost a buttered steamed broccoli flavor...but I don't mean it tasted like eating broccoli haha :) I just get the impression of fresh green veggies with butter, and for some reason I think of broccoli.

There is some light astringency. Not at all unpleasant, just a slight amount. Very little if any bitterness. I also get some light sweetness of perhaps honey.
The color of the tea liquor matches the description of yellow-gold.

I like to brew this one in a 120ml gaiwan using 4 grams of leaf. Water temp of around 190F.
Although not 100% intact (there are some torn leaves but not too many) the leaves expand to overflowing after 5 infusions. This is the main reason I use my "large" gaiwan for Tie Guan Yins...the leaves totally unfurl while steeping and I don't want them to be too cramped.

So I really like this tea. Very nice green Tie Guan Yin.

(Oh and I also found this tea to be very durable...I usually get 7-8 infusions using the gong fu style).

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