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A White Tea from Health & Tea

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Brand:Health & Tea
Style:White Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Wow, this is probably the least-processed tea I have ever seen; it looks like you just plucked leaves and buds right off a tea bush and dried them and popped them in a bag.

The dry leaf has a pleasant smell; it smells a little bit like generic dried leaves from the garden, but there's also a pleasant floral scent more characteristic of the tea plant.

Upon brewing the cup becomes very aromatic, smelling mostly of flowers and autumn leaves, with a light caramel scent. The smell is simliar to white peony or shou mei teas, but fresher and more minimalist. The flavor is crisp, lightly bitter. The finish is more complex than most white teas, it's a bit dusty, with herbaceous and skunky notes.

Did not resteep quite as well as I had hoped for such a large-leaf tea. I preferred using less leaf and making a single, long infusion. Not much leaf is necessary for a very flavorful cup, but I found that resteeping was always unsatisfying.

I found I had to be cautious with this tea, I wasn't crazy about how I felt after drinking it, it made me a bit jittery, a problem that I have with some white teas and Darjeeling teas. I think it is more caffeinated than the delicate flavor lets on.

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