Tea: Colonial Mornings

A Ceylon Black Tea from teakruthi

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Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Matale, Sri Lanka (Dimbula)
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This is one of those transcendental black teas that somehow manages to be both warming and cooling in the same sip. Eminently satisfying!

All of Teakruthi's teas have been aromatic, but none explosively so until this one. I opened the bag and there was this burst of fragrance...first a sweet one that was hard to describe, a strong wintergreen fragrance, followed by a deep malty flavor. Even the smell of the dry leaf was multifaceted, and it made me excited to brew this one up.

As I pour water over the leaves there's a fresh, summery smell, suggesting leaves and flowers, an organic smell that makes me think of plants and earth on a hot day.

The cup is beautifully fragrant, smelling of honey, flowers, wintergreen, and malt. Flavor is exceptionally smooth, almost too smooth for me. I think my only critique of this tea was that it lacked astringency to the point of seeming a bit syrupy. If it weren't for that, I would probably give it a perfect score.

The name "Colonial Mornings" suggests a breakfast tea, but I find it hard to think of this as a breakfast tea because it's too smooth and the flavor too subdued. Maybe good for a Sunday morning if you really want to mellow out.

I found this tea really needs a long steep to taste satisfying. 3 minutes wasn't enough. 5 was better, adding more depth and body. Resteeps okay, but because this was such a mellow tea, I preferred a long first steep which left an unsatisfying second steep.

This would have been my favorite Teakruthi tea except for the fact that it doesn't resteep as well as the others, I think I preferred the Southern Malt overall because it resteeps so much better, even though the first cup of this was pretty extraordinary.

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