Review of Green Tea Super Antioxidant

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Aroma is dominantly a sort of strange, light, earthy smell. There's some tea presence in the aroma but it's weak, generic, and takes a back burner. The tea is smooth...not much bitterness, but overall, not much flavor, even when brewed in a rather small cup for 3 or more minutes.

While I usually respect Yogi's approach to medicinal teas, and have found some of them to be both delicious and effective at treating various ailments, I think this one is getting into more wishy-washy zones with its vague health claims. There's no science behind the claim that antioxidants are universally good for you, and I've seen some evidence that supplements (as opposed to drinking tea and other antioxidant-rich foods naturally) actually can have some adverse effects...and this tea strikes me more as an antioxidant supplement than a beverage. And as a beverage, it just doesn't taste good.

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