Review of House Blend English Breakfast Black Tea

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If you're looking for the perfect morning vanilla black tea, look no further! The smell of this tea is delightful, vanilla but rich and nutty at the same time. The taste is phenomenal, the vanilla really stands out, but is very balanced with the two types of black teas. Really, really, lovely taste with a flavored tea. Best vanilla tea I have had.

I prefer to brew a teaspoon for 5 minutes and to drink it with a splash of coconut milk, but it is also wonderful as a latte. The value is pretty good, I've never been attached to another tea like I have with the House Blend, but I do tend to drink a lot of it so the portion goes quickly. It is organic so it is great to have value in those ingredients!

Ingredients: Assam black tea, Ceylon black tea, Safflower, Blue mava flowers, Vanilla essence

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