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An English Breakfast from Benner Tea Co

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Brand:Benner Tea Co
Style:English Breakfast
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This was pretty bad. I'd take it over Lipton, but that's not saying much. I like to try low-end teas now and then so that I'm truly aware of the full range of tea on the market, and this was certainly a low-end tea.

This is one product that I honestly had no idea what to expect when I approached it. On the one hand, it's incredibly cheap...about $1.20 for a box of 20 tea bags. On the other hand, it was from ALDI, a company consistently miraculous at selling remarkably high-quality products for very cheap. In the end though, I was disappointed; this wasn't up to the level of quality of ALDI's other products, and as cheap as it is, the cost-per-cup is still much higher than buying an inexpensive but solid-quality loose tea like Ahmad Tea by the pound.

I opened the box and the tea bags are individually sealed. Opening one packet, I find a teabag filled with fine dust, nearly aromaless. Why waste the resources sealing the bags individually if there is no aroma to hold in?

When I brew it though, the cup does have a slight aroma, and is recognizable as an English Breakfast tea. A little better than Lipton, aromatically, but the flavor was not great. I found the cup both slightly thin-bodied, and a little harsh.

ALDI has no information about this tea on their site. They don't even have a commercial description for the product written on the box, although it does have brewing instructions.

I remain a huge fan of ALDI, but I would not recommend this one, and I feel less interested in sampling their other teas after being so disappointed with this one. I think ALDI could do much better. With virtually all their other products, they manage to come up with stuff that tastes really good, and I know that there is good tea out there. Even if they have to up the price to $2 a box, I think it would reflect better on their brand and store to stock a higher-quality product than this one.

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Tchuggin' Okie wrote:
on March 16th, 2017

Thanks for the warning. We got an ALDI here in town not long ago, and I've been tempted to try/review some of their tea, based on price alone. May still do so, but it will be with low expectations...

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