Tea: Tonganagaon Full Leaf

An Assam from Harney and Sons

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Tonganagaon Full Leaf
Brand:Harney and Sons
Region:Tinsukia, Assam, India
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Review of Tonganagaon Full Leaf

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A fruitier, tangier Assam that was an interesting change of pace. Not quite as hearty or satisfying as some, but enjoyable.

The dry leaf of this has a rich aroma that reminds me of my mom and grandma making black currant and raspberry jam in late summer. There are also malty notes, but the cooked fruit / jam aroma dominates.

Upon brewing, retains this jam-like character, with malty notes in the background. The flavor is a little sour, but this blends well with the fruitiness. Only a little bitterness, and also a bit sweet. This tea has little up-front bite but is lightly astringent, pleasantly so, through the sip.

I normally am not crazy about the cooked-fruit or jam-like aroma in black teas, but in this one it really worked. It also tastes surprisingly good as it cools to room temperature. Price is good! This resteeps very well too, I used a 3 minute steep followed by an 8-12 minute second steep.

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