Tea: Orange & Spice Herbal Tea

A Fruit (Herbal) Tea from Bigelow Tea

Picture of Orange & Spice Herbal Tea
Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Fruit (Herbal) Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Orange & Spice Herbal Tea

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A hotel in northwest Dallas had bags of this tea on its breakfast area, so I tried a couple -- one there in (what is some of the consistently highest quality nationwide) city water and one at home in my own well water. In both instances, my impression of this tea is simple and straightforward: "Constant Comment" minus the black tea. Since I like Constant Comment a great deal, per my review thereof, this is a fine alternative for when I don't want caffeine and can excuse the absence of the flavor also imparted by the former's decent quality of black tea. If there is a difference, it seems to be a bit more orange and less cinnamon than Constant Comment. Similarly, the aroma in-bag and in-cup is pleasant and relaxing. I do wish the flavor were a notch or two more intense; but that's the case for most herbal teas.

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