Tea: Colonial Mornings

A Ceylon Black Tea from teakruthi

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Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Matale, Sri Lanka (Dimbula)
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Review of Colonial Mornings

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I really liked this tea -- when it was prepared just right and very fresh. It has a lovely, subtle aroma and flavor with delightful hints of muscatel, making it a stand out pure tea. However, it was easier to oversteep than others by this brand and the intensity of the first cups magic lessened a bit with second and third infusions. It certainly never became a bad cup of tea -- just comparatively ordinary in contrast to the first lovely cup. I definitely recommend drinking this tea when you have time for a bit of devoted relaxation so that you can sit and really appreciate that first and second cup -- not in a hurried way, but before they become cool. I steeped this one at 195F.

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