Review of Assam - Harmutty Estate Black Tea

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This is among the better Assams I have ever sampled, and offered great value. It's super smooth, but with depth. Thank you to Simpson & Vail for this sample!

Curly dark leaf, smells very malty, sweet, very pleasant.

Upon brewing though the aroma becomes much more complex. It smells sweet, fresh, vegetal and herbaceous, and there are fruity and minty notes. Only a moderate astringency, mid sip through the finish. More cooling than is typical for an Assam, a little lighter-bodied and less hearty. Leaves a slightly bitter finish.

My only complaint is that, depending on my mood, it could be too smooth, a bit thin-bodied if brewed at typical strength (3 minutes, one teaspoon of leaf), but this also allows you to brew it more strongly. I liked this tea better when I brewed it a little more strongly. It resteeps well, I was able to get two good cups, although I liked the first better.

I thought the price was very good for a tea of this quality. It's currently $12.80 for 4 ounces and it tastes a lot like teas in the $20 for 4 ounce price range. I highly recommend this one if you want a top-quality Assam for a moderate price.

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