Tea: Wild Sweet Orange

An Herbal Tea from Tazo Tea

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Brand:Tazo Tea
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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I'm pretty sure this tea/tisane is almost artificial. While the ingredients aren't artificial, they aren't just plant parts, either. First, I think most of the orange aroma comes from a layer of orange oil ("natural orange essence" in the ingredients) sprayed on the teabag. The teabag itself is actually yellow-orange and the orange scent will wipe off onto your fingers. Second, as other reviewers have noted, the citric acid is clearly a dominating component of the flavor.

With that said, this is my new favorite non-caffeinated tea/tisane. I find the blend of flavors to be absolutely wonderful. I enjoy citrus flavors such that Earl Grey tea is one of the few flavored teas that I'll drink and I like tartness.

The initial aroma is orange, spearmint and hibiscus and it's powerful. The orange and hibiscus coupled with the vivid orange brew remind me of orange Kool-Aid and I expect the first sip to be sweeter than it actually is. The mint and licorice provide some sweetness, but the tartness is really the main sensation. The rose hips and lemongrass dominate the flavor, tasting almost like sour apples or even crabapples.

The flavor is quite complex, but balanced for an herbal blend. I don't like spice teas, so this is a welcome change from the many citrus tisanes that include cinnamon as an ingredient. After the tea has cooled only slightly, I'm left with the sensation of drinking orange soda, with the intense sourness on the tongue blended with the still overwhelming aroma of oranges.

I'm disappointed that the flavor that I enjoy so much seems mostly to be manufactured. In the end, though, I really do enjoy it.

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