Review of Premium Green Decaf Tea

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The freshly-opened teabag has a strong smell when dry, which is unusual for a decaf. Even though it isn't particularly complex, the aroma is fresh and grassy.

The tea brews into a dark amber-green and smells very vegetal, like freshly harvested asparagus. Both color and aroma remind me of the "special gunpowder" green teas.

The flavor is a weaker than the aroma would suggest, but it's decent. The taste is dry hay or straw with a little bitterness along the edges of the tongue. There's a subtle hint of a more complex green tea in the finish, but it's fleeting.

After the tea has cooled a bit, more of the flavor rises to the surface. A little more bitterness and some astringency add body to the flavor. There's enough of the sweet seaweed characteristic of Japanese sencha that I suspect a Chinese/Japanese blend. At this point, the tea is better than other green teas from the grocery store, even caffeinated ones, in the same price range.

If you want (or need) to drink decaffeinated tea, this is a solid choice.

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