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An Assam from Mighty Leaf Tea

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Brand:Mighty Leaf Tea
Region:Assam, India
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I loved this one. My favorite mighty leaf tea yet, and an excellent example of a classic Assam.

Thank you Mighty Leaf for this generous sample! I thought this was a pleasantly strong Assam, exactly what I expect from this style and a good example of such. There is something intangible about this tea that makes it incredibly pleasant to drink. It also grew on me a lot, although I enjoyed it from the start, it seemed a bit run-of-the-mill, but I found myself enjoying it more and more as I drank the cup.

Dry leaf is dark and fruity, smells a little like honeybush.

More malty than the Irish Breakfast. Mouthfeel is very pleasant and satisfying; full-bodied, rich, slightly astringent. Slightly drying sensation on the palate. Flavor moderately bitter, but also sweet and savory. Aroma fruity and malty, a few slightly burned toasty notes, and a note of wintergreen in the finish. Has a strong warming quality; hearty and satisfying, but also fresh. Makes a great breakfast tea, and also has great complexity and depth.

I consistently feel very good after drinking this. It's energizing, but in a gentle and relaxing way.

Price is very good. I sampled this shortly after Mighty Leaf's Irish Breakfast and I was surprised to see the two teas are the same price. I thought this was not even in the same category, a much better tea, and able to stand in in the style of an Irish Breakfast if need be: rich, dark, thick, full-bodied.

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