Review of Jasmine Decaf Green Tea

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The teabags smell quite strongly of jasmine, so I only steeped this one two minutes since Jasmine can get bitter.

The brewing tea smells like jasmine, but the background aroma is sort of fishy, almost like some kinds of pu-erh. This tea tastes pretty much like most inexpensive jasmine tea. The jasmine flavor is nice and strong and the light grassiness of the green tea is present, but muted. I was hoping that what Earl Grey does for decaf black tea, the jasmine would do for green and I think it succeeds.

This tea won't be mistaken for high quality jasmine pearls, but it tastes like something that I'd get at a Chinese restaurant. The downside is that it's expensive. I paid almost $6 for 20 teabags. Even this quality is hard to get in a decaf, so I'll buy more when this is gone. It's far from a bargain, though.

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