Review of Ceylon Kenilworth

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Thank you to mighty leaf for the sample! This tea is dark, strong, smoky, and complex. It's like one of those software packages that is really intimidating and hard to learn, but powerful once you get comfortable with it. I found it grew on me and I liked it more each time I drank it.

Wiry leaf smells punch-you-in-the-face strong, fruity and toasty, smells almost like 100% cranberry juice.

Upon brewing, smoky notes come out. The aroma has great complexity, vegetal, smoky and toasty, and spicy. The mouthfeel of the cup is edgy. The flavor is quite bitter; initially so much that it made the cup seem a bit thin, but as I drank more I found this tea to be moderately full-bodied. The finish reminds me a little of cranberry juice, with fruity notes and a slight sourness.

Resteeps well, I always brewed two cups. A very interesting tea, and surprising to me, not what I was expecting, having tried other teas from Kenilworth estate before. Most similar to the Ceylon Kenilworth from Harney & Sons but I strongly preferred this one, it seemed more complex, and about the same price. I thought the price on this was decent too. I recommend this if you want a somewhat mysterious black tea.

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