Review of China Sweet Osmanthus

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I asked the owner of Het Gouden Randje to recommend me a Chinese green tea, and she served me this. I don't usually go for flavoured teas, but this one was so good that I bought 50 grams of it. I can't actually remember the price (of course it doesn't help that I bought three other kinds of tea at the same time, as well as that cup of tea I drank) but generally the prices at this tea shop are very decent, so I'm guessing this has good value too.

Both the dry tea and the infusion smell like apricots, and the infusion tastes like that too. That'd be the osmanthus, of course. I make it like any other green tea. The first infusion is the best, the second is fine too, but in the third steeping the osmanthus flavour almost disappears.
It just tastes really good (like everything from Het Gouden Randje, though this is definitely one of the best so far) and it's a nice tea to show off to people. I'll probably get more of this if I run out.

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