Review of Cinnamon Berry Probiotic Balance

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Overall, this wasn't a favorite, but is tolerable if one can either overcome a bothersome aroma, ignore it, or fail to notice in the first place.

Upon reading the side of the unopened bag wrapper, so many thoughts began swirling across my cranium's vast and mostly empty void, including, in about this order,
1. Wow-- 17 ingredients! These include caffeinated Korakundah black tea.
2. One of those ingredients is a bacterial culture, bacillus coagulans...rejuvenate my innards! But wait...
3. How in the world does boiling water and the recommended 5-10 minute steeping not kill that, thereby rendering its presence rather useless (unless dead bacteria carcasses somehow confer the same probiotic benefit)?
4. Ruh roh, Scooby Doo--the packaging gives advice on how to make it stronger: Steep up to 10 minutes or use two bags. How about making it stronger on the assembly line to begin with? If a tea company is advising the drinker to double up, why not just do so itself? That bag has enough room.

"Stop trying to think, and just drink!", said the voice of thirst. My mistake was not obeying, and instead sniffing the wet bag first. The smell was that of a sweaty locker room, faintly armpit-like. I can't determine which of the bazillions of ingredients is responsible for that! Fortunately the tea tastes far better than the aroma: sweet (thanks, monk fruit/luo han guo extract), fruity and a bit woody, also with a spicy veneer of capsaicin (makes sense, since cayenne and black pepper are two of the ingredients). I might have enjoyed this blend more without fresh memory of that wet-bag smell.

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